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  1. Karmamoi - Take Me Home - Sample 0:38
  2. Karmamoi - Portrait of a Man - Sample 0:35
  3. Karmamoi - Your Name - Sample 0:35
  4. Karmamoi - Mother's Dirge - Sample 0:38


Interview on Audiofollia (Italy)

Siamo felici di ospitare oggi,all’interno di”audiofollia”,un’esauriente intervista ai Karmamoi, l’ottima band romana di cui...

Read the review on “Metal Temple” (Greece)

I can’t say indie Prog is my daily jam, but as a Metal and...

Odd Trip on

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Upcoming Shows

  • Nov30 The Musician
  • Dec02 Boston Music Hall - Tufnell Park
  • May03 May05 Rosfest- Sarasota Opera House



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