1. Silence Between Sounds & Nashira 10:46
  2. Atma 07:08
  3. Sirio 06:03
  4. Martes 06:46
  5. Plato’s Cave 08:39
  6. Lost Days 04:38
  7. Canis Majoris 06:56

“Silence Between Sounds” is the third album from the Italian progressive rock band Karmamoi. Due to changes with band line-up, “Silence Between Sounds” took over two years to realise.
Karmamoi used this opportunity creating music in a different way than they have done previously, walking on a new musical path with their personal idea of progressive rock. This process allowed them to progress beyond all previous recorded material. They decided to keep the band without an official vocalist, and for this reason their new album “Silence Between Sounds” features singers. Whilst maintaining the essence of Karmamoi’s music, each singer brings their unique vocal characteristics to the music.
For the first time, Karmamoi have involved other musicians in the creative process of
“Silence Between Sounds” featuring instruments such as the cello, piano, flute or clavinet. This provides a balance between the traditional and modern sound of progressive rock.
“Silence Between Sounds” explores, and attempts to understand the reasons behind human failure. It’s an interesting and challenging theme that Karmamoi have embraced and captured in the music of “Silence Between Sounds”. 

Karmamoi Are:

Alessandro Cefalì: Bass
Daniele Giovannoni: Drum and Keyboards
Alex Massari: Guitar

Music : Daniele. Giovannoni Except “ Silence Between Sounds” and “ Atma” written by Karmamoi and Fabio Tempesta
Lyrics: “ Nashira”, “ Martes” and “ Canis Maioris” Written by Sara Rinaldi
“ Atma” Written by Fabio Tempesta
“ Plato’s Cave” Written by Tim Devereaux
“ Lost Days” written by Serena Ciacci

Performed by Karmamoi
Produced by Daniele Giovannoni and Mark Tucker
Arranged by Daniele Giovannoni and Karmamoi
Mixed by Mark Tucker @ “ The Green Room Studios” – UK


Fabi o Tempesta: 2nd Guitar on all tacks . Guitar Solo on “ Atma” and “ Sirio”
Sara Rinaldi : Vocalist on “ Nashira”, “ Caniis Maioris”, “ Martes” and “ Plato’s Cave”
Hellena: Vocalist on “ Atma”
Serena Ciacci: Vocalist on “Lost Days”
Irene Morelli: Soprano on “ Sirio” and “ Martes”
Luca Uggias: Piano on “ Atma” and “ Silence Between Sounds”
Emilio Merone : Piano on “ Nashira” , “ Martes” and Keyboard solo on “ Plato’s Cave”
Lara Bagnati: Flute on “ Lost Days” and “ Caniis Maioris”
Maria Rodriguez Reina: Cello on “ Nashira” and “ Plato’s Cave”

Cover Photo: Michele Di Tonno
Artwork: Daniele Giovannoni

Karmamoi Thanks:
Rosy Sanchez for your for being our LATAM manager
Renato Paffetti for Making “ Nashira” and “ Martes” Videos
All recording studios who helped us to recordi this Album

Recorded Between Rome and London – Sept 2014/ March 2016

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Silence Between Sounds