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Inspired by old and new progressive rock, drummer and composer Daniele Giovannoni created Karmamoi in 2008, giving life to a musical project that could express his concept of music. The band performed in many shows in Italy and Europe between 2008 and 2011, including the Jimi Festival in France and the Eurosonic Showcase Festival in the Netherlands. At the end of 2011, the band released its first album, simply called Karmamoi (Crisalide Music), which received phenomenal reviews around the world.In 2012 the band released an acoustic EP called “Entre Chien et Loup”. In late 2013 “Odd Trip”, the second album of the band, came out and in  2014, Karmamoi performed  in many shows in Europe promoting the album. They also performed at Borderline in London along Curved Air, and at Zanzibar in Liverpool along Lifesigns.

Their third album Silence Between Sounds” came out in October 2016, having taken over two years to release due to changes in band lineup. Produced by the esteemed Mark Tucker (Jethro Tull), Silence Between Sounds was critically acclaimed around the world, with some reviewers calling it one of the best progressive rock albums of 2016. Progsphere Magazine included Karmamoi in their list “One of 20 Best Italian Progressive Rock Bands.” In February 2017, Classic Rock Society Mag included “Plato’s Cave”, a song from Silence Between Sounds, in their progressive rock compilation “New Species 28.” The album also reached the second ranking with both Progwereld and Progstreaming.

In 2017 the band performed in Italy, the UK, and the Netherlands, and at Winter’s End Festival in the UK in April 2018 

In Autumn 2018, Karmamoi released their fourth studio album, “The Day is Done”, a concept album dedicated to the Grenfell Tower disaster happened in London in 2017, containing eight brand new songs recorded in May 2018 at The Arc Abbey Studio (UK) by Mark Tucker.  The band has involved several special guests with this album, including Colin Edwin, bassist (Porcupine Tree) and Geoff Leigh, flautist and saxophonist (Steven Wilson, Ex-Wise Heads). Sara Rinaldi  was been involved as vocalist. “The Day Is Done” received terrific reviews and it was been acclaimed by progressive rock fans, and many reviewers calling it one of the best progressive rock albums of 2018.  The band performed all over the Europe , and for the firts time, Karmamoi perfomed in the USA at “Rosfest” in May 2019 . They have also been playing at  “Dan Fest 8″ (UK)”Progressivamente Festival” and “Black Water Festival ( Italy)”.

The band is working on new album called “ROOM 101” that will be released in spring 2021. Composed between October  2019  and July 2020, recorded between Rome and London ( August/October 2020) and produced by Daniele Giovannoni, the album is inspired by the novel of George Orwell1984. Once again, Karmamoi have involved some great guests such as the pianist Adam Holzman (Steven WilsonMiles Davies) and the violinist Steve Unruh ( UPF) .

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Karmamoi are:

Daniele Giovannoni (Drums, Keyboards and BV)

Allesandro Massari (Guitars)

Alessandro Cefalì (Bass)

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