1. MEMORY HOLES – 9’12”

  2. DROP BY DROP – 8’33”

  3. DARK CITY – 7’15”

  4. ZEALOUS MAN – 10’53”

  5. NEWSPEAK – 8’06”

  6. ROOM 101 – 7’15”

  7. THE NEW WORLD – 9’45”

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Room 101

Daniele Giovannoni: Drums , Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Alex Massari: Guitars
Alessandro Cefalì: Bass

Music by Daniele Giovannoni
Lyrics by Daniele Giovannoni except songs 3,6,7 – (Daniele Giovannoni – Valerio Sgargi)
Produced by Daniele Giovannoni
Co-Produced by Mark Tucker and Octavia Brown
Arranged by Daniele Giovannoni
Strings on “ Drop by Drop” Arranged by Emilio Merone, Choir on “Zealous Man” and “Newspeak” arranged by Valerio Sgargi

Guest Musicians
Adam Holzman – Piano and Moog Solo on “Newspeak”
Steve Unruh – Violin and Flute on “Newspeak”, “Memory Holes”, “Drop by Drop”
Sara Rinaldi – Main Vocal
Emilio Merone – Piano and Key Solo on “The New World”
Valerio Sgargi – Tenor & Backing Vocals
Francesca Zanetta – Solina on “ Memory Holes”

Drums and Bass recorded by Fabio Ferri @ “Abbey Rocchi Studios” – Rome ( IT)
Guitars recorded by Fabio Ferri @“ Millenium Audio Recording” – Rome ( IT)
Vocals Recorded by Nathan Ridley @ “Hermitage Works Studios”- London (UK)

Mixed by Mark Tucker @ “The ARC ” – Eynsham (UK)
Graphic, Photography and Artwork – Joel Barrios

Composed between October 2019 and July 2020
Recorded Between August 2020 and November 2020

Endorsements/ Thank You’s
Daniele Giovannoni plays: RV Drums & Ufip Cymbals
KARMAMOI wishes to thank you Marina Montobbio, Arne van Os van den Abeelen, Rosy Sanchez and Carlo Delicati