Single from the upcoming Album “ Silence between Sounds”

“Nashira” was written thinking about a trip through the human beings’ feelings. The first part of the song we wrote it  has been the ” Intro” . A powerful riff  with a pressing rhythmic session. This section of ” Nashira” is  the only one we repeated in the whole song. Indeed ” Nashira” doesn’t  have a ” Chorus” but it is splitted in 5 separated slots trying to draw different sides of human beings. All these sections flow together into each other,  creating differents rhythms , harmonies and melodies just like human beings feelings.” “Nashira” is a star of the Universe, where a human being must flee to find his peace.“Nashira” represents the human beings’ failure

Karmamoi Are :

Daniele Giovannoni: Drums and Keyboards

Alex Massari: Guitar

Alessandro Cefalì: Bass

Title: Nashira

Performed by KARMAMOI

Composer : Daniele Giovannoni

Lyricist: Sara Rinaldi

Arrangiaments: Daniele Giovannoni and Karmamoi

Producers: Daniele Giovannoni and Mark Tucker

Mix: Mark Tucker @ “ Green Room Studio”

VIDEOMAKER: Renato Paffetti

Genre: Progressive Rock

Duration : 9’15”

Year: 2016


Sara Rinaldi: Voice

Fabio Tempesta: Classic Guitar

Maria Reina Rodriguez: Cello

Emilio Merone: Pianoforte