We are here and ready… From today, our new adventure and pledge are officially started www.pledgemusic.com/projects/karmamoi1
It took two years to realize the new album “Silence Between Sounds”, years during which we have had huge problems that have slowed down our job.
We have never given up to our dream and our music and now …. we are ready.
We had the pleasure of recording the new album with great friends / musicians whose have made unique our journey . We had the pleasure e the chance to meet Mark Tucker (Jethro Tull) . He felt in love with our music and he is mixing the whole album now, making it “alive” and special.
Mark joined in the album production and this makes us proud.
We ask you to take a look and listen to what we’re doing.
If you like it , pre-ordering the new CD or one of the items we have thought for you, you give us a huge help. If the pledge will get success, we will have the opportunity to introduce our music to many more people . Thank you

Daniele, Alex e Alessandro