Hi everyone
It’s hard to saying , but Joline is no longer the singer for Karmamoi. We did a good job together, but at same time we understood that our way to create music wasn’t heading us at the same place. So we decided to separate our roads. We wish all the best for her and a life full of Music.
From now on Karmamoi will be four pieces band. We will not stop our creative process, of course and the new album is almost ready. It has 8 truly prog tracks,and we have thought an original way to realize it.
We’ll really amaze you, guys.
For all pledgers, we have already asked to Pledge Music to delete our Project, so all of you can get the money back asap. If you will get any problems about it, please let us know.
We want to say you: “Thank you all for your support, It has been hugely important for us”
When we’ll be ready, we will launch another Project, hoping you will have enough patience to following us again, trusting on our music. Enjoy the Music