Silence Between Sounds: Credits



Silence Between Sounds
Plato’s Cave
Lost Days
Canis Majoris

Alessandro Cefalì: Bass
Daniele Giovannoni: Drum and Keyboards
Alex Massari: Guitar

Music: Daniele. Giovannoni Except “ Silence Between Sounds” and “ Atma” written by Karmamoi and Fabio Tempesta
Lyrics: “ Nashira”, “ Martes” and “ Canis Maioris” Written by Sara Rinaldi
“ Atma” Written by Fabio Tempesta
“ Plato’s Cave” Written by Tim Devereaux
“ Lost Days” written by Serena Ciacci

Performed by Karmamoi
Produced by Daniele Giovannoni and Mark Tucker
Arranged by Daniele Giovannoni and Karmamoi
Mixed by Mark Tucker @ “ The Green Room Studios” – UK

Fabio Tempesta: 2nd Guitar on all tacks . Guitar Solo on “ Atma” and “ Sirio”
Sara Rinaldi : Vocalist on “ Nashira”, “ Caniis Maioris”, “ Martes” and “ Plato’s Cave”
Hellena: Vocalist on “ Atma”
Serena Ciacci: Vocalist on “Lost Days”
Irene Morelli: Soprano on “ Sirio” and “ Martes”
Luca Uggias: Piano on “ Atma” and “ Silence Between Sounds”
Emilio Merone : Piano on “ Nashira” , “ Martes” and Keybord solo on “ Plato’s Cave”
Lara Bagnati: Flute on “ Lost Days” and “ Caniis Maioris”
Maria Rodriguez Reina: Cello on “ Nashira” and “ Plato’s Cave”

Cover Photo: Michele Di Tonno
Artwork: Daniele Giovannoni

Karmamoi Thanks:
Rosy Sanchez for your for being our LATAM manager
Renato Paffetti for Making “ Nashira” and “ Martes” Videos
All recording studios who helped us to record this Album
Recorded Between Rome and London – Sept 2014/ March 2016

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