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  1. Karmamoi - Take Me Home - Sample 0:38
  2. Karmamoi - Portrait of a Man - Sample 0:35
  3. Karmamoi - Your Name - Sample 0:35
  4. Karmamoi - Mother's Dirge - Sample 0:38


Silence Between Sounds : Out on 30th October

“Silence Between Sounds” is the third album from the Italian progressive rock band Karmamoi....

Silence Between Sounds (October 30th)

Silence Between Sounds our Upcoming album out on October 30th Pre-order on

NASHIRA, our new single, OUT NOW

NASHIRA Single from the upcoming Album “ Silence between Sounds” “Nashira” was written thinking...

Upcoming Shows

  • May03 May05 Rosfest- Sarasota Opera House



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