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Silence Between Sounds : Out on 30th October

“Silence Between Sounds” is the third album from the Italian progressive rock band Karmamoi. Due to changes with band line-up, “Silence Between Sounds” took over two years to realise.
Karmamoi used this opportunity creating music in a different way than they have done previously, walking on a new musical path with their personal idea of progressive rock. This process allowed them to progress beyond all previous recorded material. They decided to keep the band without an official vocalist, and for this reason their new album “Silence Between Sounds” features singers. Whilst maintaining the essence of Karmamoi’s music, each singer brings their unique vocal characteristics to the music.
For the first time, Karmamoi have involved other musicians in the creative process of
“Silence Between Sounds” featuring instruments such as the cello, piano, flute or clavinet. This provides a balance between the traditional and modern sound of progressive rock.
“Silence Between Sounds” explores, and attempts to understand the reasons behind human failure. It’s an interesting and challenging theme that Karmamoi have embraced and captured in the music of “Silence Between Sounds”.
Esteemed producer and engineer Mark Tucker (Jethro Tull) has been integral to the project working closely with Daniele as co-producer skills and mixing engineer.
Karmamoi are; Daniele Giovannoni; drums, recording engineer and producer, Alessandro Cefalì; bass guitar, and Alex Massari; guitar.
From 30th October 2016 “Silence Between Sounds” will be available on all digital platforms or , for physical CDs, writing at

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NASHIRA, our new single, OUT NOW



Single from the upcoming Album “ Silence between Sounds”

“Nashira” was written thinking about a trip through the human beings’ feelings. The first part of the song we wrote it  has been the ” Intro” . A powerful riff  with a pressing rhythmic session. This section of ” Nashira” is  the only one we repeated in the whole song. Indeed ” Nashira” doesn’t  have a ” Chorus” but it is splitted in 5 separated slots trying to draw different sides of human beings. All these sections flow together into each other,  creating differents rhythms , harmonies and melodies just like human beings feelings.” “Nashira” is a star of the Universe, where a human being must flee to find his peace.“Nashira” represents the human beings’ failure

Karmamoi Are :

Daniele Giovannoni: Drums and Keyboards

Alex Massari: Guitar

Alessandro Cefalì: Bass

Title: Nashira

Performed by KARMAMOI

Composer : Daniele Giovannoni

Lyricist: Sara Rinaldi

Arrangiaments: Daniele Giovannoni and Karmamoi

Producers: Daniele Giovannoni and Mark Tucker

Mix: Mark Tucker @ “ Green Room Studio”

VIDEOMAKER: Renato Paffetti

Genre: Progressive Rock

Duration : 9’15″

Year: 2016


Sara Rinaldi: Voice

Fabio Tempesta: Classic Guitar

Maria Reina Rodriguez: Cello

Emilio Merone: Pianoforte


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